Franchise Development
To become a successful Franchise, the correct systems and structure are vital. Almost any type of successful business can be franchised; indeed we have assisted people in all sectors like HR verification services, Personality Development Programmes, Gyms, Spa’s, Apparel Companies, Education & Training Businesses, Cartridge Refilling, Ice Cream Companies, Juice Bars, Laundry Services, Automotive, Lifestyle Retail Companies, Automatic Photo Vending Companies, Sports Franchising, Painting Services Franchising. You name the segment that is franchising in India, there will be some pioneering work our team would have put in those segments for our clients. We assist companies by sharing our decades of experience with them, alerting them of the most common pitfalls and mistakes made at every stage, opening their eyes to methods and structures that may not be obvious to someone new to franchising, assisting with the creation of the franchise systems, helping to review legal documents and guiding them through the entire process as outlined below.

Franchise Times hence is a full service franchise development company  offering franchise consulting, marketing, and technology alongside a wide variety of support services for new and existing franchisors.
Franchise Development Plan
Franchise Times core expertise is franchise development. We work with all kinds of companies that want to franchise or are already franchising. Whether you have an idea that you want to franchise or you already have 100’s of franchisees, we work at every layer of franchising providing expertise needed to perform efficiently at each of these layers. We have consulted companies of all sizes, , offering feasibility study and information gathering, financial modeling, territorial mapping, franchise marketing brochures, franchise trainings, franchise manuals, franchise agreements, franchisee recruitment, franchise training and support functions and global expansion. Our franchise development programmes comprise of a 360 degree evaluation of the entire business ensuring that we work closely with you in devising a customized franchise programme that is either built from scratch or refined at whichever phase, ensuring that your franchise goals are met and objectives achieved.

Franchise Development For New Franchisors:

  • Franchise Strategy
  • Franchise Consultancy Module
  • Pilot Development Assistance
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Franchise Manuals
  • Franchise Trainings
  • Franchise Brochures
  • Franchise Videos
  • Franchise Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Database Services
Franchise Development For Existing Franchisors

  • Outsource your entire franchise recruitment activity.
  • Review Entire Franchise Strategy.
  • Review Of Franchise Agreement In Sync with Current Franchise Objectives.
  • Franchisee Prototype Refinement.
  • Drafting Manuals, Review &/Or Revision.
  • Franchisor Management Training.
  • Franchise Sales Training.
  • Franchise Operations Training.
  • Consulting & Guidance for Web System Enhancement.
  • Franchise Marketing Including critical evaluation of present activities
  • Internet Marketing & Social Media Tools.
  • Franchise Advertisements
  • Franchise Videos
  • Market Research Services
  • Franchisor Franchisee Relationship Management
  • Franchise Audits
  • International Franchising
  • Overall Consulting
Franchise Mantra Proven System
Franchisors and Intending Franchisors could use our franchise mantra, a road map, to franchise your business. We have created your ‘To Do List,’ which you must have as a resource document, while you go about franchising.

Information & Basic Research:

  • Research the Internet on franchising a business
  • Evaluate All Expansion Options
    • Grow Internally
    • Find Investors
    • Franchise
      • Business Format Franchising
      • Dealership / Distributorship / Agency
      • Licensing

Meet with a Franchise Consultant

  • Visit the Head office.
  • How many years has the firm been in business?
  • What is the knowledge and franchise experience that the proposed team has?
  • Is there a project head that will take complete responsibility of your franchising and you will not be lost with the other more important clients the company is working with.
  • Are there systems and processes defined to help clients get success?
  • Review the client list and the previous work the company has done and seek referrals.
  • Are they really interested in franchising your business correctly or are looking as another client who would add to their marketing activities.
  • Are they accredited to the governing franchise association?
Are you moving forward with Franchising?

  • Do personalized detailed meeting with specialized franchise consultants
  • Talk with your chartered accountants, business advisors, close friends and relatives
  • Make a realistic assessment of the resources you have to move forward in terms of:
    • The Capital and Finances that you have
    • The Personnel
    • The passion and energy that you have to make it happen the time
    • To roll out your franchise network or will you need to fast track the recruitment of franchisees.
    • To attract the initial consumer and then sustain the consumer vis-à-vis anticipated market changes.

Avoid these mistakes as you set out to franchise your business

  • Do not assume ‘franchising.’
  • Do not get started with a P&L Sheet & A return on Investment document for a franchisee.
  • Do not copy & paste bits and pieces of other successful franchise models.
  • Hiring Franchise Managers and Employees will only ensure that you get their perspective of franchising.
  • Its just not enough to have a lawyer do a franchise agreement and get started. Never start with a lawyer, have a complete strategy in place before you even think of getting a legal consultant.
  • If you have never franchised your business before, it’s not easy to do so.
  • Being a Franchisee is much different than running a franchise company.
How long does it take to franchise a business?

It generally is a 3-6 months process provided you have a profitable prototype in place and have standardised operations.Franchising can be done in 60 days as well, if you have the complete attention of the franchisor.

We are operating in a developing economy and markets are maturing faster now then ever.  Most business owners are always asking us to fasten up the franchising seat belts and to steer them to the finish line as early as possible. The navigation has to be spot on and there is no time for a mistake as you might be out of the race.

What are your timelines?

If you have a clear time line in your mind and want to go ahead with a full fledged franchise development program, let’s get talking. We recommend you go through the must do’s before you get started with the formula 1 programme to fast forward your franchising. Franchise Times Consultancy Module has programme designed to get you success. Our experience and expertise will help you optimise your time, efforts and capital while we go about franchising your business like we have done for several others.

Listing your franchise business opportunity

Once your franchise model is ready we take it quickly to the market. Our franchise directory of leading franchising opportunities will enable you to list your business appropriately, while ensuring you are connected to those entrepreneurs who are serious about your franchise. Our simplest search and related resource link assists you in promoting your business across your targeted geographies. Meet your needs and the needs of the market from our franchise information database.

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Franchise Performance Consultant
Franchise Times has worked with companies in every segment of franchising and have helped many franchisors achieve a franchise sales breakthrough. We have developed the winning formula for helping franchisors accelerate growth and achieve their growth objectives in this competitive economy.

Significant benefits of working with Franchise Times franchise consulting is, our franchise experience, our strategic planning expertise, and our tactical implementation services and our network / support.

Franchise performance analysis helps business owners in the following ways:

  • Pinpoints differences (or gaps) in potential opportunity with actual performance benchmarks based on real industry franchising metrics.
  • Reveals planning, direction, or other shortcomings, so that strategy and expectations can be adjusted early in the franchise consulting phase.
  • Identifies tactical planning goals and objectives to maximize opportunities.
  • Offers a reality test or confirms one’s franchisability before further investments (financial, people and other resources) are made.
Additionally, our franchise performance metrics spotlights what areas​– from operations and marketing support to technology and real estate investments – need to be addressed in the development of a franchisor’s business infrastructure while the legal documents are being developed.

Working with a qualified franchise consultant upfront avoids the guesswork and better prepares the franchisor for what’s ahead. To our surprise, prospective franchisees often can’t get an answer to the most basic investment questions – How much money does the average franchisee make? How much money can I expect to earn? The reason for this is that close to 70% of all franchisors choose not to include any sales, costs, or other unit financial information in their disclosure documents and, the only way they are legally allowed to give you that information is in those documents.

There are a number of good and valid reasons for franchisors not to provide this basic information. The information they get from the franchisees is unaudited and therefore may not be accurate. The differences in the units themselves, including diversity in size and types of markets, the size of established locations, the differences in maturity of the open locations, variations in the strengths of local competition, impact of brand recognition in new and older markets, and a host of other reasons might make the information misleading. Providing the information in public documents would allow their competition to obtain information on their sales, cost of sales, margins, and sales mix, which also is a valid reason. For some, unit performance is so bad that if they included the results in the offering material, they would have a slim chance of ever selling a franchise.
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