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If you’re thinking about franchising your business Locally or Internationally, we can definitely help. If you’re already franchising, we would be delighted to improve and add value to your present franchising. If you are contemplating as to why you must franchise we could help you realise what potential your business could have if you franchised it. We’ve been in the franchise industry for over 10 years now.

Developing Franchise is our area of expertise. Whether you are developing a new franchise program, reworking an existing one, or converting company-owned operations, Franchise Times has extensive experience across a wide variety of industries.

Developing Franchise includes designing a strategy for expansion, legal documents, operations manuals and marketing materials. A team assigned to your program that works closely with your company and staff to create materials that exceed your expectations and deliver franchise sales.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients. We choose our clients as carefully as they choose us. Franchise Times offers a “very customized shopping cart” of services—from helping start a new franchise company; to working with emerging franchise chains to change their futures; to introducing exciting new foreign franchise concepts; to planning and executing profitable exit strategies.

Whether you own a successful business and you are considering franchising, or have an established Food, Education, Service, Retail or Any other exciting franchise business, we should talk. Franchise Times builds relationships first; then we build companies. We’ different. We’repersonal. We serve our clients well. If that sounds about right for you, call us.
Steps To Franchise My Business
A lot of businesses see the money in it and automatically make the decision to start franchising. True, there is a lot of money in franchising your business, but you won’t get see any from it, if you get involved in it prematurely. Firstly, you need to have a good track record of sales and profitability in your company. If you don’t have this basic foundation, the transition might never work out for you. Answering these following questions will help you determine whether you are ready to be a franchise or not.

  • Is your Business Replicable?
  • Is your concept good enough?
  • Do you have the financials?
  • Are you prepared to change?
  • Is there another alternative that is more suitable?
Learn the Legal Requirements

You cannot just set up a franchise and go on the merry way. You have to do it legally and go through all the relevant avenues. There are local regulations that you have to sort out. The local restrictions can be more daunting and expensive than the national ones. Once you have all the legal paperwork completed and you have made all the relevant decisions with regards to your business model, submit your business as a franchise. It can take an incredibly long time for the relevant authorities to get back to you, so the sooner you do it, the better. Still, don’t rush into it if you are not ready. After your submission, the regulatory body will get back to you with any changes that you need to make, as well as critiques that you have to take into consideration. Just when you think you are done, they hit you again!

Advertise Your Franchise

The whole motive of the transition in your business model is to make more money, right? So, like any other business you need to advertise the fact that you are a franchise. If you don’t, no one will invest in the company and that is obviously bad for business. Companies develop brand image through marketing and presence in the digital space. Website Marketing is a great way to create a buzz. The internet is just as important a tool to maximize your brand awareness. An Online presence and SEO is essential for creating traffic and turning traffic into business.
How Long Does It Take To Franchise A Business
One of the most important aspects of franchising any business, is the time taken to franchise it. When an entrepreneur begins their franchising journey, the first thing they’d want to evaluate is what could be the possible timelines and the costs to franchise a business. Doing it in time and within the said costs could make or break a franchising system. How long does it take to franchise a business or its timelines could build a great brand. If done wrongly or with timelines stretched you’d probably kill it in the womb itself.

  • How soon can Franchise Times help me Franchise My Business?
  • Within what period will I be able to make, ‘so many,’ franchisees?
These are the most common questions we get when clients come to us seeking the ‘Magic Wand’ to Franchising. There is no short cut to franchising your business and building a franchise brand. We would first want you to understand the basic franchising mantra.

Fast Forward Your Franchising Business.

We understand the importance of time and the relevance of having the right franchise execution strategy. If you believe that you need to move fast, we will help you with Franchise Program that is aimed at reducing the time consumption to the minimum and yet ensuring that we do not compromise anywhere with the quality of franchising.

Normal Timelines

It generally takes 6 months-12 months to build a proper franchise development program. However, this is subject to several other things rolling together. You will need to have a successful operable business or a prototype in place. Standardised operating procedures take a lot of time and hence if you have them ready to a certain degree, you will see that there is considerable time saved.
Cost of Franchising A Business
Franchising is a long term, capital intensive way in building your business strategically, over a period of time. It takes a lot of effort and resources to build a Successful Franchise Brand. It is seen with the right capital infusion and correct resource deployment franchising can really help you penetrate markets and reach the desired consumer and get the business spread that you are seeking.

You will need to firstly evaluate what are the resources that you have on hand and whether these would be sufficient to franchise your business. What are the objectives of your business and what is the speed at which you would want to grow. Are your resources in deployable formats? Will you have to look at external funding? Do you have the collaterals that might be needed for the same and all such options that will ensure that the business is secured with the requirements of capital and resources whilst it embarks upon its franchise journey?
Franchising Is a Great Way to Raise Capital that could be needed at certain stages. It could additionally play a vital role in bringing in resources other than capital also, which most growing businesses need at the most crucial times thus giving the franchise business the thrust it needs..

All franchise businesses grow phase by phase and hence they require different inputs at each of these phases. Most business owners use different funding options which Franchise Times understands very clearly. We would be more than glad to working with you on different pricing and payment options whilst we build a long term association with you in building another successful franchise brand.
Building A Franchise Brand
We have countless stories of entrepreneurs across the world who have been successful in their own individual locations….how many of these have successfully ensured that the success passes down not only to different geographies in one area era but into the next one as well. How many such businesses have stood the test of time to evolve into brands that are well recognised and appreciated. As we move to a shrinking globe and globalisation is imperative, it is but important to realise the actual potential of your business and to grow it using franchising. Franchising is successful across the world and could be the answer to globalizing your business.
Do you have a successful business, A great product or service that your customers love? You must move on. You must now be in the business of selling your franchise and concentrate on how you can do this more successfully. If you don’t do it now and ensure that you moved with the time and adapted to the needs of newer markets and the future of your business, you might never be able to do it later.

This is where Franchise Times expertise and experience comes into the picture. We have assisted 100’s of such individual businesses to evolve from being involved in their day to day operations to becoming franchisors.

To appoint multiple franchisees who would then do what they used to do at their locations and work with the franchisees to reach a larger customer base. This is how we build successful franchise brands.

Franchise Times can help you understand how fast you can franchise your business and the costs involved in doing so. We can also help you understand how you can build a franchise brand that funds its own franchise growth during different phases.
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Marcus Kample
Designer at Monarc
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